Gay NYC: 101 Can’t-Miss-Places, As Banned by Apple

Entry #1: Stonewall Inn

Pledge allegiance

Pledge allegiance

If you don’t know why this place is important, you shouldn’t be using this app.
But if you do and you are, know that this piano bar is still a good, mellow place to go for a drink, particularly Thursdays through Mondays.


Is this the world’s coolest airport terminal?


Thank Bjork for Gaga

Her bad press is Gaga’s armor.
Remember Bjork’s “infamous” swan dress that she wore to the Oscars? Castigated by the hypocritical, ill-informed American media, for daring to wear something different to an event of such marginal artistic merit that its importance is ritualistically overblown by a culture seething in stupidity, Bjork’s career in the U.S. never recovered.

However, inured to a little fashion innovation, the wild eclecticism of Gaga is more readily accepted by the media. But maybe Gaga should have invited Bjork backstage at Radio City, to thank her, instead of Donald Trump. Of course, dumb journalists will find something else to criticize about Gaga in the customary American knee-jerk attempt to discredit anyone with a shred of originality.

“This is my sausage! Look at my sausage! My wonderful SAUSAGE!!”

In Verona.

This movie just looks really, really stupid

But if you like the idea of John Travolta dolled up like Mr. Clean running around a largely irrelevant town with a gun, then maybe From Paris With Love is for you.

Gaga: The World in One Lady?

Was that a thunderclap over Manhattan last night? No folks, that was the firestorm of applause that greeted that Gotham gal gone fame-wild, the pop and glam rock queen Lady Gaga, as she burst forth onto the stage of Radio City Music Hall, coolly if unwittingly menacing the legendary venue’s very foundations with her otherworldly costumes, mesmerizing musical maneuvers and nonstop frenzy of slammin’ Number Ones and hits-to-be. Don’t wanna sound holier-than-thou, but we’ll put forward that Lady Gaga is as vital to the renascent American cultural zeitgeist, which has been in undeniable though perhaps not irremediable decline since the Supreme Court’s foolhardy decision to throw the 2000 presidential election to the Republicans — a freefall that accelerated with the terrorist attacks of September 2001 and subsequent corporate assault on the debt-ridden middle class — as the stones of the Western Wall are to Jerusalem. For art is the mark of civilization; commerce simply moves it along.

What about Haiti? As the response of the French, who bear primary responsibility for the bleak social dimensions of this disaster, continues to be monstrously underwhelming, Lady Gaga announced on her recent emotional, groundbreaking Oprah appearance that all proceeds from the Jan. 24 Radio City concert will be channeled to Haitian earthquake victims.

Some might say suffering of an admittedly infinitely lesser intensity has befallen the spirits of those travelers in New York who, through bad timing, bad romance or lack of resources in this persistent recession have been unable to secure tickets to one the final concerts of the American leg of Lady Gaga’s Fame Monster tour. I mean, “Experienced Massage Therapist Seeking 2 NYC Gaga Tickets”? The things one finds on the Internet…

Lady Gaga Welcomed Back to New York

Gotham is Gaga-friendly

Did Georgie Bush get a similar welcome upon his return to Crawford, Texas? Oh yeah? Prove it.