A boob, a butt…and yet another travel blog? Well what do you want, there’s only so much corporate drivel and crap content a certifiable wander boy can take. But what really ruffles Voyagiste’s feathers is the audacity of a new eatery in New York City (where we have the dubious fortune to be based) to offer a whole two bucks off a customer’s first meal. Any business offering two bucks off anything in this economy should be pelted with toxic-filmed, non-biodegradable Tupperware and fined 26 euros. Here’s a better offer, and it’s eco-friendly, too: a free City Segway Tour of Paris. For two. That’s a $140 value. Just tell us what the official motto of the City of Paris is, and be the tenth person to do so after December 1 but before December 31, 2008. Email


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