Holidays by Hitler

You can always count on the Germans for a quixotic blend of market innovation and really awful ideas. Seems plans are afoot to kickstart the Baltic Sea resort complex Adolph got going in 1936, but that had to be abandoned in 1943 as the Nazi leader focused on other priorities. The place is called Prora, on the island of Ruegen, and the five hulking concrete buildings still standing there, straddling a long beach, were to be jewels in the crown of Hitler’s Strength Through Joy “program.” Now local authorities are teaming up with the private sector to pour 100,000 euros into the complex and give it some 21st-century sizzle.

Interestingly, the German National Tourist Department, which generally promotes holidays in the old Fatherland with glee, has little to say about Prora. Proof postitive (as if we needed it) that propaganda consists not only of what is said, but also what is kept silent.


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