Ten Reasons Not to Fly EasyJet

1) The boarding procedure is chaotic.

2) Boarding early costs you extra.

3) Excess baggage costs you extra.

4) ANY baggage costs you extra.

5) If you have no baggage to check at the time of booking, but later acquire baggage, there is no way to make that change on EasyJet’s Website, so you are forced to pay an 18 euro supplement at the airport.

6) It is obvious from all this nickel and diming that profit motive takes precedence over passenger safety.

7) As further evidence of this, at one point during each flight cabin crew parade down the aisles selling a sort of EasyJet lottery ticket; they should be using this time to leave passengers alone.

8) The name EasyJet does not instill consumer confidence.

9) The EasyJet magazine, EasyJet, is amateurish with travel tips written and compiled by people with little or no demonstrable knowledge of their assigned destinations.

10) Due to the insufficient amount of legroom between rows, EasyJet might consider changing its name to something more appropriate, such as EasyClot.


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