Don’t let a good press release ruin your trip

Any good journalist knows the importance of taking press releases with a grain of salt. However, as publishers across the board fire journalists and slash the fees paid to freelancers, press release syndrome is creeping into erstwhile reportage. In other words, instead of ponying up for a travel writer to go out and experience something and report on it after, publishers are putting increasing pressure on journalists to spin stories out of nothing. The Web is full of travel “stories” hacked out by people who don’t even leave their homes or offices. Journalists are always strapped for time, but when publishers put the squeeze on funds, real journalism suffers badly. Many of the stories you’ll read on the Websites of all the nominally prestigious travel publications are not based on firsthand experience, but are rather rehashings of press releases to create a list, maybe with an “expert” quote or two thrown in to give a patina of legitimacy. But make no mistake, it’s ersatz reporting at its best. Here at Voyagiste, we advocate the creation of a writers’ union to improve quality across the board, keep publishers’ inherent avarice in check and protect free speech.


One response to “Don’t let a good press release ruin your trip

  1. Yup, it’s crap – but anyone with more than 23 brain cells can spot these press release constructs …


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