Work that vocab, Madge

So Madonna is back in Malawi. The Mistress of Michigan has said it is “amazing” to be back in that African nation.

Come on Madge. You were never known for your eloquence, or lyrics for that matter, and you’ll have to pardon this papa for preaching, but you’re a woman of a certain age now and it’s time to set an example. Not by pulling another A-Jo, but by finding some adjective, any adjective, to describe this adventure other than one which we might expect to flow from the lips of Miley Cyrus in talking up her new breakfast cereal (which, incidentally, is hardly very amaize-ing).

So before you scoop up that beautiful babe, whose name is said to translate as Mercy, have a little on us and scoop up a dictionary first (you can even stick one on your iPhone these days). Express Yourself, bitch!


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