Is this the worst sample sale in New York?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Voyagiste has the dubious fortune to be based in that fine hellhole known as New York City. It always amuses us to see certain persons’ attempts to be chic, as if conscientious dressing can offset trash-strewn streets and ambient crassness…but something bears special mention: the recent Hermes sample sale on 18th Street in Chelsea. We couldn’t miss the chance to see if anyone would actually be buying outlandishly priced French schmatas in a dep…um, recession. But oh, the glorious vicissitudes of Gotham! The place was crawling with avid shoppers, mostly  the kinds of Connecticut she-Yankees who can’t fathom that anything from the House of Hermes wields about as much sartorial gravitas as a Pee Post.

And yet, on Friday, March 29, 2009, there they were, the humorless Botoxed hordes, lining up at the makeshift registers to flash their plastic and scuttle off with their lightly discounted, alarmingly unlovely loot. New York’s overrated Barney’s sale is pretty bad, but this was downright dismal. Between Paris’s lack of imagination and at least several hundred New Yorkers’ lack of taste, it’s enough to make the Voyagiste want to book a quick ShopKation to K-Mart. In Kansas City.


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