Boo: Limelight fades to mini-mall

New York’s fabled, defunct Limelight nightclub, infamously housed in a deconsecrated church on Sixth Avenue in Chelsea, is going commercial. A marketplace of 75 shops is slated to open in September 2009.

Killjoy city officials under the Guiliani administration made things very difficult for nightclub maven Peter Gatien, essentially driving him out of town and back to his native Canada. Gatien had done a stellar job of bringing new life to the Limelight, replete with an H.R. Giger-themed VIP room in which Voyagiste once lost a suitably green article of Armani clothing (but for reasons obscured by time hardly regrets it).

Nostalgia is tiresome, but it is sad when a space like Limelight turns into a shopping center. To some extent New Yorkers get what they deserve, but when superb venues like this cave to the market, or what’s left it, it does precious little to shore up a deflated nightlife scene.

And what self-respecting disco ghost is going to hit the white sale at Bed Bath & Beyond?


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