When a Marais hotel is not actually in the Marais

The latest hip Paris hotel to be touted in the French press is the Hotel Gabriel. It’s located at 25 rue Grand Prieure in the 11th arrondissement. Which is pointedly not in the Marais, although the hotel’s Website would lead you to think otherwise. Essentially, if your hotel is not in the third or fourth arrondissement, it’s not in the Marais. Nothing against the 11th, but frankly there isn’t all that much to do there. But real estate prices are lower, meaning it was probably easier for the owners of the Gabriel to open a hotel there in this economy. It’s still a good walk from the Place de la Republique area to the heart of the Marais, and if it’s raining and you’re short on time, it’s not a very fun walk, either.

Pardon me!

Pardon me!

For a rundown of the best hotels in the Marais (my current favorite is the Pavillon de la Reine in the Place des Vosges) check out my guidebook, ACCESS Paris (available from Amazon).


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