Is this America’s hottest Staples?

Attention recession-wracked home office supply shoppers (yes Carrie Prejean, that includes you!) and cultural tourists from less fiscally impoverished lands than ours: there’s something amazing going down at the Staples in Cathedral City, California. For a very limited time, you can buy a whole canister of Cheetos for only a nickel. That’s right, cultural tourist (or Carrie Prejean), just fork over five cents and you’ll be dipping into one of this great nation’s signature — dare we say, even staple — snacks. That is one hot deal not even Jake and Reese (see “Is this New York’s hippest restaurant” below) could resist. And it will only last until end of business day June 17. Hurry too, because at last check there was only one canister of these “dangerously cheesy” — it says so on the can! — treats left. Ask for the discount at check-out before they board the place up tomorrow. For serious.


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