Is this the hippest bar in L.A.?

Well no, because technically the bar at the SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills is, you know, in Beverly Hills. And is going on and on about the sleekness of its Bar Centro (The Bazaar) and it’s north-of-$15 cocktails really appropriate in this PooPooville of an economy? Of course: wasn’t Rick’s Cafe where it was at while bombs were raining on most of Europe a few decades ago? World peace has never come out of a boring international conference, but it might break out over a stiff gin and tonic at a posh watering hole like Bar Centro, which feels like being inside a wet electro-Fornassetti dream. So pony up to Jose Andres’s indoor piazza and flirt with that girl who looks like Lady Gaga’s evil twin as she sidles up to the glammest pastry counter within a three-thousand mile radius. A recent Jake and Reese sighting could not be confirmed by reps for either star.


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