Is this the tackiest museum in the world?

Possibly, but the “Ground Zero Museum Workshop” handily wins Voyagiste’s prize as the tackiest museum in New York City. In the absence of a rotten egg, the prize shall take the form of this brisk assessment: Just when you thought the Meatpacking district could be debased no further (the departure of Florent, the ritualistic weekend bridge-and-tunnel flooding, the ongoing inexplicable popularity of Pastis), comes along a so-called museum that has the unremitting gall to charge $25 admission to look at images and objects from what has unfortunately come to be known as Ground Zero.

From the brochure: “3-D installations, complete with dirt, will make you feel as if you ‘were there’…and the museum is a NY State Non-Profit. Donations are often made…”

Often. How thoughtful. And does the designation of something as non-profit mean it is beyond reproach? Hardly. After all, the FCC is non-profit, the Dept. of Defense and the entire government, too…and of course, never any errors in judgment or misallocation of funds there.

Savvy travelers will not make the error in judgment of misallocating their funds at this pseudo-something whose planners play on the non-profit badge and lingering national grief to gouge tourists.
Whether the revenue is given to charity “often” or not doesn’t matter: a tourist trap is a tourist trap.

The brochure adds that “the museum is non-graphic and suitable for children of all ages.” Golly, swell. But guess what kids? Life is graphic, terrorism is a bloody mess, and you’re never too young, it seems, to be scammed.

Any memorial related to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 should come from public coffers and be free of charge, period.

Which reminds us, where exactly is that “9/11 Security Fee” tacked on to plane ticket prices going? That has to be the tackiest tax in America.

And when is the TSA going to return my confiscated bottle of Virginia barbecue sauce from Whole Foods?

What a country.


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