Balearic bombing

The explosion on Majorca that killed two police officers today is with almost complete certainty the dastardly “work” of Basque separatist group ETA.

Travel chaos has ensued as authorities put all flights leaving the resort island on lockdown, in the hopes of pinning down the perpetrators.

The problem of ETA seems intractable and has brought far too much tragedy to Spain, a country still scarred by a civil war and years of dictatorship. Maybe a land of revolutionary ideas could consider this one: give those Basque jerks (that includes both the terrorists and the population that keeps its disdain of them tucked neatly away in the closet) their coveted independence, then, over time, implement a de facto yet complete economic boycott.

Has anything else worked? Too bad you can’t ask the police officers on Majorca. At least in Spain there won’t be a ridiculous “museum” erected to showcase the handiwork of those ETA scum (see below).


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