Is this Eighth Avenue or the $%^$!ing Twilight Zone?

The Great Recession continues apace in Manhattan, as store after non-chain store and restaurant continues to shutter in the wake of the unrelenting high cost of doing business in this apparently cursed town.

It has become impossible to walk down any given stretch of, for example, Eighth Avenue without witnessing multiple closures from one week, or sometimes day, to the next. The latest casualty: Ate Avenue, a bar-restaurant hybrid that filled a nice hole in the local market as a bar that wasn’t a pick-up joint. Oh sorry, the latest casualty is Gerry’s, a hip menswear shop that had been serving the Chelsea and lower Manhattan community for the better part of a decade. And then there’s…oh it’s too depressing, this Twilight Zone that was once a booming city.

And then we have complete idiots like the folks who run the Union Square Alliance, or whatever ridiculous name they give it, who bend over backwards to spirit the likes of corporate monsters Best Buy past the city gates (see below, if you can stomach it).

Add to this alarmingly high taxation, a rich bitch mayor more preoccupied with power and the upkeep of his spare homes in Bermuda and London than preventing stray bullets from flying in Brooklyn, and a new President whose reaction to economic spiraling is to hole up in Martha’s Fucking Vineyard, because these last six months have been just so very difficult for him and his, and it’s all we can do to keep ourselves from blowing chunks all over the keyboard.

This is a long, very long way from the nation that said cheerio to the British a couple centuries ago and took up arms to see that a little justice was done for the common man. Corporate cannibal Americans are now chewing him up with relish.

Why any tourist would want to spend his currency in this self-destructing land is beyond us.


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