Is this the most obnoxious mayor in America?

Travel to enough countries and you’ll learn the habits of many men. One habit that is particularly troublesome in America is the propensity of very wealthy people to obfuscate the fact of their wealth (and in many cases, greed) by dressing down for public occasions. The prime example of this in New York City, still America’s greatest city, is Michael Bloomberg.

Following the air disaster over the Hudson River Saturday, the mayor appeared before the cameras wearing a long-sleeved collar shirt, sans jacket or tie, to tell the world what the world could figure out for itself, thank you very much: that all aboard both helicopter and plane were killed. Of course, in typical Bloombergian fashion, he enunciated some nonsense about the incident not having “a happy ending.”

We imagine the devastated families in Italy watching this megalomaniac in inappropriately casual attire trying to put a down-home spin on an eminently preventable tragedy, and it’s not a pretty thought.

We think of the tourists rightly attracted to New York City who come here this summer to find garbage cans overflowing, homeless people begging for food in ever-growing numbers, stores closing left and right, people of all ages so addicted to their portable electronic devices that they’ll walk right into you, and sometimes into traffic, and visions of a loaded mayor who wants to be taken for a sort of civic Joe the Plumber.

New Yorkers deserve better.


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