Is this the worst airline magazine ever?

We refer, of course, to United Airlines’ revamped “Hempisheres. A recent issue featured a piece called “One City, Five Hours: Amsterdam,” with a few little mapped-out suggestions. Please! Five hours in Amsterdam barely gives you enough time to properly contemplate a Van Gogh, let alone find and frequent a government-certified whore. Seriously, what was the runner-up for this rubric, “Four Cities, 17 Hours”.

Oh wait, there’s more, there’s an article on “Marzia, Queen of Fado” that is about as au courant as still wishing the Supreme Court didn’t throw the election to Bush in 2000. Then there’s the spate of items about fancy hotels here and there that the writers obviously haven’t actually stayed in. Note to editors: it might help to get out of your Brooklyn offices once in a while. We hear United has a few flights out of the New York area.

Note to passengers: fly Delta.


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