Is this yet another inglorious example of wanton French arrogance?

We try to be charitable toward the French, to the point of co-opting a French word and using it as our title because it just sounds so pretty.

But, oh, the French! Now various people in St. Tropez, that overpriced bastion of brainless bimbos (and he-bimbos) and ersatz charm, are saying that their petite village is becoming as bad as…Ibiza. People like a former mayor and prominent club owner.

This clearly demonstrates that while these Tropeziens may know the first thing about Ibiza, they haven’t a clue about the second, third and fourth things. In short, despite the predations of mass tourism, Ibiza is so inherently superior to a bling bling pseudo-burg like St. Tropez that it almost defies good sense to mention the two places on the same Web page.

If St. Tropez is drawing a fundamentally tacky crowd, as its current mayor seems to believe, could it be that St. Tropez is a fundamentally tacky place?

But then asking tough questions was never exactly the strongest suit in the land of Chanel. Complaining, on the other hand…


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