Ace Hotel Palm Springs still positions its pool as hip despite recent drowning

The tragic incident has been documented elsewhere. Management’s decision following it to close the pool between the hours of 3AM and 6M is probably not a bad idea. But what remains truly annoying is the kind of hipsterer-than-thou attitude that prevails at a hotel like this. If the hotel still wants to push poolside “booze sno cones” on its guests, as it does, that’s fine: a little inebriation can help one temporarily forget about the clown who represents this town in Congress, the pernicious do-nothing Republican Mary Bono Mack. But the Ace poolside is almost studiously ugly: “trailer park chic” never works anywhere, not even in a Cyndi Lauper video. Chances are the Ace would have been cooler as the cheap old motel it used to be, and now aggressively pretends it isn’t.

Reports of bedbugs in some areas of the building that now houses the new Ace Hotel in New York persist.


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