Product of Greece: the World’s Most Whacked Softdrink Label

From the country that brought us Aristotle, tastefully pornographic vase paintings and islands whose sole economic purpose seems to be serving as backdrops for silly movies with Meryl Streep, now comes Stala, a mind-blowingly fooktastic [ed. note: there could be children reading!] orange soda that’s redolent of orange blossoms or Clean Citrus Febreze, we’re not sure which. Almost as good? the label, which proudly proclaims: “It is produced and packed in Greece in Tsoykalades Livadias Viotia from Zona Angel.” And: “Consumption at preference before the end that is entered in the lid/neck of bottle.”

Better than Plato

By the way, “It Is Maintained in Cool Part” and “It Is Prepared at the Food of Elikona.” And above all, gentle readers, it is “GASEOUS REFRESHMENT.” It’s Stala time!


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