Thank Bjork for Gaga

Her bad press is Gaga’s armor.
Remember Bjork’s “infamous” swan dress that she wore to the Oscars? Castigated by the hypocritical, ill-informed American media, for daring to wear something different to an event of such marginal artistic merit that its importance is ritualistically overblown by a culture seething in stupidity, Bjork’s career in the U.S. never recovered.

However, inured to a little fashion innovation, the wild eclecticism of Gaga is more readily accepted by the media. But maybe Gaga should have invited Bjork backstage at Radio City, to thank her, instead of Donald Trump. Of course, dumb journalists will find something else to criticize about Gaga in the customary American knee-jerk attempt to discredit anyone with a shred of originality.


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